At Royal Kerala Foods you can find the finest spices and pickles, the freshest vegetables and tropical fruits, the highest quality Kerala snacks , ready to eat frozen traditional Kerala items and frozen Fish. We carry a variety of South Indian brand name products such as Nilamels, Grandmas, Eastern, Double Horse, Nirapara, Saras, Narssus, Brahmins, Thankam, Senu’s, Illam, Classic, MTR, 777, Tulsy, Daily Delights and etc. We also distribute our products to other stores.

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Nilamels : Rusk With Raisins, Jack Fruit Chips -Plain, Jack Fruit Chips –Spicy With Curry Laves, Sesame Balls, Pakka Vada With Curry Leaves, Thatta, Peanut Roast, Peanut Masala, Peanut Candy –Small Pieces, Peanut Candy, Spicy Roasted Cashews, Plain Roasted Cashews, Chemeen Masala, Kerala Mixture, Kuzhalappam- Plain, Kuzhalappam - Sweet, Sweet Banana Chips, Achappam-Plain, Achappam –Sweet, Rice Murukke -Plain, Rice Murukke -Spicy



Nilamels : Coriander Powder, Chilly Powder, Kudam Puli, Ginger Coffee, Ginger Coffee, Piriyan Chilly Powder

Palat: Chicken Masala, Meat Masala, Sambar Powder, Egg & Vegetable Masala

Eastern: Sambar Powder, Chicken Masala, Meat Masala, Mutton Masala, Egg Masala, Garam Masala, Biriyani Masala, Chana Masala, Fish Masala, Chilly Powder, Coriander Powder, Kashmiri Chilly Powder

Nirapara: Chicken Masala, Meat Masala, Sambar Powder, Egg & Vegetable Masala

Saras: Malabar Fish Gravy, Nadan Fish Curry Gravy, Fish Curry Gravy, Biriyani Masala,Coconut Varutha Gravy, Butter Chicken Gravy, Chicken Curry Gravy, Chicken Curry Masala Gravy, Chilly Chicken Gravy, Meat Curry Gravy

Brahmins: Sambar Powder, Rasam Powder, Corrainder Powder, Chilli Powder



Nilamels: Kadu Mango, Tender Mango, White Lime, Hot Lime, Lovelolika, Irumpanpuli, Ginger, Gooseberry, Seer Fish, Anchovies

Palat: Garlic Red, Bittergourd -Red, Bitter Gourd -White, Gooseberry, Kaduke Mango - Red, Kaduke Mango - White, Cut Mango, Tender Mango, Lime, Shrimp, Fish

Grandmas : Garlic Red, Bittergourd -Red, Bitter Gourd -White, Gooseberry, Kaduke Mango - Red, Kaduke Mango - White, Cut Mango, Tender Mango, Lime, Shrimp, Fish


Rice, Rice Flour

Nirapara: Easy Palappam, Appam / Idiyappam Podi -White, Idiyappam Podi -Red, Dosa Powder, Puttu Podi

Eastern: Dosa Powder, Appam podi, Puttu podi

Manjilas: Vattayappam Powder, Easy Palappam Mix, Instant Palappam Mix, Aval Red, Aval White, Uppuma Mix, Rice Powder, Corn Puttu Powder, Kappa Puttu Powder, Manjilas Matta Rice, Podiyari

Saras: Chakka Varattiyath, Chakka Ada, Milk Ada Payasam, Wheat Payasam


Frozen Foods

Frozen ready to cook items

Tulsy : Grated coconut,Clean Koorka,Green Jackfruit, Bread fruit,Tapioca, Clean small onions, Drumstick,Gooseberry

Frozen ready to eat items

Tulsy ,Periyar,Vani and Deep : Chicken biriyani,Chicken tikka,chicken samosa

Parotta, Kumbilappam, kozhukotta, Elayada, Neyappam, Unniyappam, Vegetable cutlet, Parippuvada, Uzhunevada, Vazhakoombe thoran, Aviyal, Sambar and many more.

Frozen fish

Indian King fish, Taiwan King Fish, Silver Pomfret, Black Pomfret, Sardine, Anchovies, Basafillet, Karimeen(Perl Spot), Shrimps


General Items:

True Palada, Bambino Ada, Bambino Basamati Rice Ada, Bru Filter Coffee Pouch, Filter Coffee Maker, Plastic Banana Leaves, Thorthe, Assorted Lungies, Neelbringathi Coconut Oil, Neelebringathi Sesame Oil, Iddali Maker Pressur Cooker Ones, Picassso Palappam Chatty, Kera Coconut Oil 1000ml, Kera Coconut Oil 500ml, Malayalam – Learning Books –For English People, Plastic Banana Leaves, Dhatri Hair Oil, Dhatri Massage Oil, Deedi Shampoo, Dhatri Face Pack, Mullapoo Soap, Achappam Maker


Many More KERALA ITEMS in store for you, visit us for the Taste of Keralam.